1. Is it possible to take the course on a part-time basis?
    Yes. The applicant must indicate whether he intends to dedicate himself to the Master’s Course full-time or part-time on the Application Form for the Application Process.
  2. What is the class schedule?
    Classes will preferably be held in the morning, between 07:00am and 12:20pm, from Monday to Friday. As a reference, please note the class schedule for the current semester, available in the academic calendar.
  3. Will there be night shift classes?
    Not in principle, as this course is daytime.
  4. How much does this Master’s Course cost?
    There is no monthly fee. However, there is an application fee in the application process.
  5. Will there be scholarships?
    Scholarships for students with full-time dedication depend on the granting of funding agencies and on the applicant’s assessment carried out during the application process. There will be no scholarships for students with part-time dedication.
  6. Can I request a Letter of Recommendation from a PEL’s Faculty?
  7. Where will the classes be held?
    On the premises of the Faculty of Engineering of UERJ, located on the Maracanã Campus in Rio de Janeiro.
  8. How long is the Master’s Course?
    The course requires 360 hours in courses, in addition to the preparation and defense of the Master’s Dissertation. The total duration of the course must be 2 years. All students, including those in Part-Time, are required to take at least two courses per semester (8 hours of classes per week).
  9. What are the courses of the Master’s Course?
    See Courses topic.
  10. What is the procedure for requesting an extension to complete the Master’s Course?
    The student must submit a request with justification to the General Chair (free format), including the activity report and observing the deadline defined in the calendar.
  11. I have a question not listed above, what do I do?
    Consult the PEL through our contact page.

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